Monday, August 15, 2011

Fineman: A Republican candidate's Ten Commandments


The link above will take you to an excellent quick read from Howard Fineman on the new rules for Republican candidates.  

Fineman points to Byron York's question to the candidates during the Ames Straw Poll in Iowa in which he asked if they would oppose a budget plan that would include ten dollars of spending cuts to one dollar of increased which every candidate raised their hand.

Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post stated, "I've never heard of such a thing!"

Here are the new commandments:

·         Thou Shalt Not Raise ANY Taxes

·         Thou Shalt Pass a Constitutional Amendment to Make Abortion Illegal

·         Thou Shalt Pass a Constitutional Amendment to Define Marriage as the Union of a Man and a Woman

·         Thou Shalt Repeal "ObamaCare," AKA the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

·         Thou Shalt Repeal The Dodd-Frank Banking Regulation Act

·         Thou Shalt Pass a Constitutional Amendment to Balance the Federal Budget

·         Thou Shalt Only Give Military Support to "Our Friends"

·         Thou Shalt Limit the Power of -- If Not Entirely Abolish -- the EPA

·         Thou Shalt Drill, Mine and Frak to the Widest Extent Possible

·         Thou Shalt Take the Name of President Obama in Vain

It is scary to see the lack of disparity between all of these candidates.  It seems as if they have all been roped and duped into signing campaign restricting pledges.

Here is to a primary season full of nothing but "look-at-me" politics and tireless reiterations of their respective  records.

As Fineman says, once the GOP elects a candidate, they will not only have to move to the left, but run.

Can't wait to see this...

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