Friday, August 19, 2011

Tea Party blues...

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I don't think I've been called a racist more times in my life than when Obama took office.  Is that because I've all of a sudden become a bigot?  Or is it because people have gotten overly sensitive and protective because a black man is in office?

Nah…probably because of the cross burning incident with my lesbian Jew neighbors with the hispanic/black mixed child.

They just REFUSE to stop parking in the damn street.

Side note:  I don't use the term "African American” unless you are from Africa…which my wife is.  She is more African than most black people in this country and refuses to use the term.

And there is nothing wrong with black, as there is nothing wrong with white, so don't start.  We're all American.  People get a kick out of it when I call her an "African American" in public.

You see, when Obama took office, it was a landmark day in our countries history.  It really was.  First black man to be president…and although I didn't vote for him, it was a key point in our nation's timeline.

But it was also a turning point in the way we are used to critiquing politicians.  Especially for us white folk.

 No longer can we say we don't like the president…or hate the president (I don't)…or hate his policies (I do)…or don't like the way he talks…or that he smokes…or that he went to Harvard if you're a Yale grad.

Ok, that last one I made up.

No, because that is all racist now.  

I'm sure it has nothing to do with him rising from community organizer in the most crooked political city in the nation, to a 3 year term as senator, to POTUS.

He never ran a business, never served our country, was friends with a terrorist…but we're somehow racist for questioning his ability.

Makes sense.

See, the left has decided that instead of assuming that most people are dissatisfied with our president, because, well, they just don't like the way he runs our country, they've taken it upon themselves to help a brotha out and throw down the race gauntlet.

Oh no you didn't.

I'm absolutely disgusted with the way people have been fed this notion that because you're a "conservative" or "Republican" that somehow makes you a racist by default.

Does being a liberal or Democrat make you stupid and poor or a hippie that smokes his weight in pot every day?

Didn't think so.

Yes, there are racists out there.  No doubt.  From the backwoods rednecks to the urban thugs, it's out there.  

But here is my take on that.

When you go to a baseball game, the overwhelming majority of people at the game are there to enjoy themselves and watch some baseball peacefully.  However, there is that small minority that has a few too many chardonnays, screaming at the tops of their lungs, scaring small children around them that ruin it for everyone.  We ignore the way most the people behave and focus on the few imbeciles.

To assume that the Tea Party is somewhat responsible for the debt ceiling mess is liberal madness.

First off, they don't even have the numbers to really sway any vote (in fact, they should be commended for actually standing for what they believe in and not caving like so many from our government).

Secondly, more Democrats voted against the measure than Republicans, so why aren't people like Kenna Toney going after those 95 democrats that are "havin’ a little fun" at the expense of our country???

I ask you, Ms. Toney, where is your outrage with them??

You lefties can't possibly think that a handful of Tea Party candidates are responsible?

This is the same party that is constantly dismissed by the left, called “Tea Baggers,” and have left pundits blowing off the size of their rallies…

Well, which is it? Are they the racists controlling the world or just insignificant Baggers that are not to be taken seriously?

You liberals are more confusing than a football bat.

You know what? You're right. It's gotta be racism. Janeane Garofalo said so.

And who wouldn't believe the star of blockbusters like "Mystery Men" and…..well….

She recently claims that Herman Cain is paid by the Tea Party to run so it could deflect the racism…blah, blah, blah, so it's gotta be true.

Nothing like having some white, washed up, stuck-in-the-90's, coffee house waitress lookalike telling black liberals that a black man was sent from the evil Tea Party headquarters to make them love conservatism.  Just re-reading that makes me piss my pants a little bit.

I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that there may actually be black conservatives out there.

WHAT?!!?!  Why this just can't be true!  They must be traders or Jim Crows!

Actually, more blacks are stepping up (the Young Minorities Conservative group) and starting to realize that the liberal party is simply using them for votes…as they've literally done nothing for them…other than keep them pissed off at Tea Party racists of course.

Sadly, this is now the liberal excuse for the poor job Obama has done…so far.

Racism is no longer the overwhelming problem it once was.  It just isn't.  This is not a racist country.  And it's certainly not a big enough problem to affect the job of the POTUS no matter what Al Sharpton, MSNBC, Rev Wright, Kanye West, or Jesse Jackson would want you to think.

Side note:  One must realize that without the pockets of racism, The good Rev Jesse and Al would be outta work.

They need racism, as strange as it sounds.  Therefore, every opportunity they get, they have to blast it all over the place.  Obama was the PERFECT opportunity for those two and much of the race baiters and poverty pimps out there.  It's like Kwanza year round!

Keep in mind that Obama received over 95% of the black vote; McCain only received 60% of the white vote…guess the Klan was in Maui that weekend.

Many voted for the first time and openly admitted that the sole reason they voted for Obama was, in fact, because of the color of his skin (some of the video is absolutely priceless…the "free gas" lady is classic).

Voting for someone BECAUSE of their skin color is now ok?

So it's ok to use race when it benefits you.  I got it now.  Glad we cleared that up.

I have a friend of mine that said it best (over beers on a hot night down in Texas):

The liberal party is the most racist movement I've ever seen or heard.  It’s a bunch of white people telling me that I can do this and do that…yet everything they stand for is about keeping minorities reliant on the government and keeping them from being truly successful.

This is why I vote Republican; they only ask that you take care of yourself.

And he's black.  I know, right?

Sounds like a racist to me.  Somebody call Janeane Garafalo!


  1. The person who authored this is obviously a moron that knows nothing.

  2. Wow...this is the crap you are putting on your blog now?

  3. Everyone gets a voice. If you would like to respond in the form of a post dissenting, please email your content to

    I personally don't agree with him, but who am I to censor anyone?

  4. Let the name calling begin!

    And you liberals are supposed to be so nice and above name calling?

    Is it because I bashed "Mystery Men"???

  5. How can you possibly understand something if you haven't been there? I read your last piece, and this is obviously something you lack credibility in.

  6. What don't I understand? How white conservatives feel about being called racist all the time for simply not agreeing with the all mighty??

    I got a pretty good idea about that one.

  7. I voted for Obama, in the primary and the presidential election, because I thought he was smart and a good man for the job. Unfortunately, "AlwaysRight" you have been missing all the filthy disgusting invective constantly thrown at him in our media. We have a longstanding tradition of making fun of presidents and criticizing them, but the teabgaers and their friends have upped the ante, to threats, carrying weapons to town halls, shooting a congresswoman, and the ugliest, most racist sign I'ver seen at protests. No president has ever---at least in my lifetime---had so much rudeness and ugliness thrown around him. The so-called family-values crowd has been the very worst for this downgrade in civilzed behavior.
    The teabaggers in Congress were the ones to tie up the budget debates until our country was pushed to the brink---and ultimately downgraded. History will show this to be the Teabagger Depression. They even pressured John Boehner, after he got most of what he wanted out of the Democrats. I used to dislike teabaggers, but now I can't stand them---Tyranny of the Stupid.

  8. excuse the typo---meant to say teabaggers

  9. American Lady- When you mention "shooting a congress woman" When was that? If you're referring to Giffords, that kid was NOT a tea party member. He wasn't a "member" of any party. It was documented, he was an atheist and just plain out of his mind. Of course the uneducated of the left would try to position it that way. Prove he was a tea party member, or drop that pathetic argument.

    And how is carrying a weapon, legally, racist? Now if you own a firearm and are practicing your second amendment're a racist?

    Hell, what Tea Party rally have YOU ever attended? And if all this was going on, where is the audio/video evidence of this??

    Again, you're ill informed on the debt debate. There was a LARGE portion of democrats that held this up....where was their plan? Oh, they didn't have one. Not to mention, as I'm sure you're well aware, your party, had TWO YEARS OF TOTAL CONTROL to get something done. Now you want to blame the Tea Party? Don't' think so. It doesn't work that way. Blame that on your lame duck party. This is what happens when a guy in office doesn't know what he's doing. He could've balanced the budget at anytime, he choose to wait this long, play politics, and drag it down to the "wire". I'm actually surprised you didn't blame the S&P as well.

    And if you would like me to start posting some of the heinous things that you libby's said about Bush or some of the signs at "peaceful" rallies you all held...I'll be more than happy too. You must've been "liberal blind" during that 8 years (the last 4 were really bad). Again, you don't really care about race or bigotry, unless your guy is the victim. I wonder what your stance was on the black panther members standing outside a voting booth were? Where is your outrage on behalf of Herman Cain after Janeane Garafalo's comments? If you're going to play the self-hating white race superhero, you have to do it for everyone. You can't pick and choose your victims.

    What media has thrown racist remarks at Obama? Who?? Please, post it as I'd love to see what media corporation would love to destroy their profits with racist comments about our president.

    You call people "tea baggers" yet you're in a huff that people call Obama names. Hypocrisy at it's finest.

    See, I don't care about skin color. And you libs can't stand that.

  10. And one more thing...What about Obama made you think he was a "good man" and "smart"(cause he went to harvard...Bush went to Yale)

    And what about those qualities, as opposed to having actual experience, make you think he can lead a country?

    Are you comfortable with someone who's never served in our military, serving as Commander in Chief? Are you comfortable with someone who's never owned or operated a company, in charge of "creating jobs"?

    So what about Obama made you think he was going to be a good president? Besides the fact that Bush was a bad one? (yeah, I just took away your go-to argument)

  11. Saying Loughner isn't tea party is like saying Breivik isn't Christian. Either way, they are both right-wing wacko' you.

  12. Hear, hear, American Lady!

  13. Don't even try and bring up bushies military record heh

  14. Yep- Good one. Really. Please prove that he was a Tea Party member....I thought you guys were all about the "facts"?? Well, where are the facts? He was not only crazy, but on drugs. Resisted authority as he was fired from numerous jobs and dropped outta school. Teachers often said he was disruptive in class. Registered as an "independent" voter and was angry with Giffords because she was a Blue Dog democrat. Using the words "Fake" when describing her. Attended many of her events. As described by his BEST FRIEND, he didn't take sides, hated the news, and also hated Bush. Also believed that 9/11 was an inside job, the government used mind control, NASA was staged...etc.(all the above are FACTS). The guy was a member of the crazy party. Again, please prove it that he was a Tea Party member, or continue looking like midget minded finger pointers.

    At least Bush HAS a military record(as brief as it was). And funny, nobody answered my questions.

    It's because you can't.

  15. Ha...going by your sentiment, I would hardly call Bush's "military service" a plus in the Commander in Chief column...I do know a little bit about this.

    That being said, there have been many a great president without military service.

  16. There may have. However, doesn't mean I'm comfortable with them running our military. The guy that works on my car, could probably make a great steak...but I'm still gonna go with the cook, even a cook just getting started. For the record, I'm NOT a Bush fan, nor do I agree with some of the things he did in office.

    My point is that what "jumped" out at you, on the left, that suddenly made Obama such a great candidate?

    I guess my thought is that if you combine the fact that he really doesn't have experience in a few major can lack one or maybe two...but he just doesn't have it anywhere.

  17. The author fails to understand that racism is not a leftist concept. The historical development of racism both in the United States and internationally has gone hand in hand with the development of capitalism and imperialism. They are so intertwined to where the core components of each are inseparable from each other. What I mean is that racism allows for the class-based domination of a group of people that is central to both predator capitalism as well as imperialism. In this historical development, as capitalism evolves so does racism. Racism didn't end in 1955 or 1964, it rather evolved into what we have nowadays, which in academic circles is known as "Color-Blind Racism" (for example see the book "Racism Without Racists: Color-Blind Racism and the Persistence of Racial Inequality in America" by Eduardo Bonilla-Silva). One of the ways in which it has evolved in the past decades is through creation of the segregated metropolis (for example see the book "White Flight: Atlanta and the Making of Modern Conservatism" by Kevin Kruse). My point is not to say that all capitalists or even all conservatives are racists, just that the two concepts are fundamentally related and that they tend to perpetuate each other as they evolve together.

    The second issue I feel that I need to comment on is the idea that liberals (broadly speaking) are not actually leftists. Most of them are centrists of some form or another; just because they embrace some social programs doesn't make them leftists. For me the only true leftists are socialists (including communists) and anarchists. Liberals shouldn't be considered leftists because they are capitalists. In that sense, the subtle racism of northern liberals fits well into that idea of the inter-connectivity between capitalism and racism. That connection likewise explains why northern cities in the United States tend to be the most racially segregated (see the book "American Apartheid: Segregation and the Making of the Underclass" by Douglas Massey and Nancy Denton).