Sunday, August 21, 2011

A note from America's Progressive Voice

[Here is a special note from America's Progressive Voice...a most outstanding Facebook page that you should follow (just search them in the search bar).  If you would like to contribute, email]


Facebook is an outstanding place to talk with old friends, make new ones, and share family pictures and recipes. We can use it for more.

We can gather and learn and organize and disseminate.

Together, with the other progressive Facebook pages, we can track down every last liberal on here and get them to start feeling confident enough to join in the conversation and FIRE UP AMERICA!

Woo Hoo! (and the crowds go wild!)

 Step 1.) Gather

You keep inviting your friends, and I'll keep finding the other pages on Facebook.  Anything you find, let me know - you don't have to "LIKE" all of them but LIKE THE ONES YOU LOVE and let these pages Grow!!!!

Step 2.) Learn; let us be knowledgeable

We are constantly presented with dissenting opinions on work, at worship, in town, and at family dinners.

Let us reeducate ourselves with the Civic and History lessons from high school we need to brush up on:

Big Government v State's Rights; Strict Constitutionalists v Interpretative Activist Judges; Entitlements v Personal Responsibility.

Knowledge is Power.

Step 3.) Organize

Progressives are more than the Democratic Party, the Green Party, the Socialist Party -- in fact, their open-mindedness allows them to consider and reconsider their beliefs for the advancement of themselves and their world.

We don't need to all talk with "One Voice" but should be able to present a cohesively structured network of progressive objectives.

Step 4.) Disseminate

We need to speak out America!

Conservative television and radio are in every pocket of this country and regularly infiltrate our personal lives. 

It's being HEARD!

We need to be "America's Progressive Voice!"

We need to talk for those who don't have the energy to, because they are challenged by their income, their health, their discriminators, their fears.

We need to speak and keep speaking!


  1. How cute!

    Go get em'!!!!!

    I especially love the "open mindedness" line. That was sarcasm, right?

  2. The very term "conservative" conveys nothing of open-mindedness.

  3. Look who is speaking about sarcasm haha!

  4. Open mindedness has nothing to do with political party. There are many, many liberals that are as close minded as they come. Just because you think what you're fighting for is "open minded thinking"...doesn't' make you open minded if you're constantly calling names and dismissing what others believe as "stupid" or "close minded". Being open minded has nothing to do with what you think about gay marriage or abortion, it's your ability to listen to both sides and respect each persons views.

    It's about the individual.

    You can be "open minded" (which liberals claim you are as long as you agree with what they say) and be a conservative, liberal, democrat, republican...

  5. says the conservative that posts on a liberal site. as stated in an earlier comment the very term conservative means maintaining the status quo...hardly an open-minded concept

  6. Again, nobody answered anything....just name calling.

    And I post on a liberal site to give my perspective, without other cons to back me up, I'd say I'm being pretty gutsy.

    Sometimes it's good to get outta your comfort zone. You should try getting outta that liberal box once in a while...the world is a pretty big place.

  7. Hi, I imagine that if our Conservative Friend wasn't open minded he probably wouldn't be checking in to see what all the fuss is about here. Kind of like an atheist poking their head into a church.

    Always Right - I'm the administrator of APV and you are welcome on the page. There is a Taoist saying "When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears." Perhaps you are Ready my Friend.....

  8. Thanks, CariAnnV. I have no problem debating and reading all views. I may even sway a few of you over to the dark side?? LOL

    This is what seperates us from other countries. We can have these types of discussions.

  9. Anyone that is naive enough to believe that they have all the answers is a fool. Mostly likely, they are people that stay in their bubble and never challenge their beliefs.

    How will we ever grow if we don't challenge ourselves?

    As some may know, this site is based off Aristotle's "Polity."

    Aristotle believed that the best way to flourish was through deliberation. All ideas should be welcomed, even the bad ones.

  10. And not only that, debating makes us stronger arguers for our agenda. Having these conversations forces some sort of research and/or staying informed on the issues...both something every citizen should do.

  11. Well said, PFP. I enjoy the debate.