Friday, August 5, 2011

Confessions of a Right-Wing

[Today we welcome one of our friends from the other side of the fence, AlwaysRight.  I think both sides will find this post very entertaining.  As always, if you would like to submit a post to PfP, please email]

Don't hate me because I'm right….wing. 

I'm in one of the top tax brackets.

I own my own home.

I have a big T.V. and SUV.

I listen to Sirius Patriot Radio and prefer Fox News over MSNBC.

I have never wanted for anything or lived in poverty.
I'm a white male.
In other words, liberals hate me.
I'm the terrorist. The "rich white devil" (words from a liberal describing guys like me) that lurks in the night conjuring up ways to steal your benefits and entitlements and force you to accept Jesus into your heart, trying to figure out ways to keep the poor...well...poor. My motto is "Greed is good.”  Gordon Gekko is my idol.

 Actually, I'm a whole lot more than that. My soul, although condemned to hell by most of the left, is very much intact. I haven't sold it…yet…to the Dark Lord for stock in a Forbes 500 company…as the asking price isn't high enough.
Are you salivating yet?

 I'm also totally independent of any government program. I'm not on welfare. I pay, happily, for my own health coverage (60% of the country is also happily paying for theirs).  I work religiously (yes, I know you don't believe in God. Sorry to offend.) hard for what I have. I also demand that those around me do the same.
I think those that don't, and can, are lazy. I think that most people on assistance are too accustomed to getting by with help and have given up on working, because…what's the point?

 You cannot pay people out of poverty. How long have we had entitlement programs? Why is there still such rampant poverty and destitution?  

 Take, for instance, African countries that we keep dumping money into…money doesn't solve anything, especially in the hands of those that don't know what to do with it, because you can't spend your way out of debt problems.
I'm not racist. I also don't believe that being a minority or gay or a woman should give you any special privileges like scholarships or jobs. I believe that everyone should earn it. I don't care if it's flipping burgers or shoveling rocks. Do something. Regardless of what you think, you are not above hard work.
I have worked my tail off to get to where I am.  Believe it or not, us right-wing terrorists are not all born into gold laced baskets donning Rolex's and pacifiers encrusted with diamonds. In fact, most are hard-working people.
I can actually hear your blood boiling.

 I'm not trying to cram the Holy Spirit in your holiest of holies.  While I was raised Irish Catholic, I don't think me handing out pamphlets and telling you how amazing a guy in sandals was is convincing you to join me for wine and crackers on Sunday, but I do respect those that want to follow it.  And I don't chastise them every time they make a mistake and call them hypocrites.  Even bible thumping Billy makes mistakes, and so does Atheist Aaron, and so does Buddha Buddy.  We all do.  
 Yet somehow those of the Christian faith are fair game.  Any other religion is off limits, even the guys blowing up our train stations and buildings.  I don't care what you practice; worship piles of earwax if you want.  It matters not.  But I don't want you in my face about it.  I also have no patience for those "religion-sucks-and-Christianity-kills-more-people-than-great-white-sharks" guy.  Give it up.  It's easy to criticize the QB's decisions when you're riding the bench.

 I don't care if gays want to marry. I'd encourage them not to….don't tell my wife.  But I do care that they parade down the street in chaps and body paint to get their point across.  How do you expect to be taken seriously…if you don't act like it?

 Again, I don't care -- which means I refuse to get into an argument about it -- so stop trying to tell me how "intolerant" I am for not caring the least if two guys wanna get hitched.

 I am against abortion.  Not because I don't believe a woman should do what she wants with her body, but because, in the majority of cases, it's a way to get out of responsibility.  You made the baby.  You had sex.  You deal with it.

 I wish I could just "abort" all of my inconveniences.  I'd abort my mortgage and car payment, not to mention the man has absolutely no say so in the matter.  Where is the outrage on his behalf?  Of course, there are instances in which my point doesn't apply, such as rape or if the mother’s life is in danger.  I have to mention that, which is a shame, because surely someone will label me a monster if I don't.
I have a real problem with people crossing our boarders without doing it the right way.  If my wife, from South Africa, can come over here with her family and learn the language, apply and keep up with the proper documentation…so can you.

 Stop giving these people excuses.  The fact that they're over here "for a better life" is a moot point.  I'm not against people coming here; I'm against them taking advantage of the system and playing stupid about it.  They know it's illegal, otherwise they wouldn't be dropping dead in the desert trying to get here.  And any state defending their boarders against the violence that has gripped the southern states (and I live in one; Texas if you must know) should be commended and offered help.

Instead, they're vilified by the left.  It's especially absurd when it comes from politicians from the north. I don't tell you how to handle your blizzards, because I would have no idea what I'm talking about.  I think you get my point.

I don't believe in man-made global warming.  Al Gore sold you liberals a book, and you're just now figuring out the earth is warming?  The earth has done this before.  My advice:  before you buy that hybrid and throw solar panels on your house, enjoy the heat and use a little more sunscreen the next time you protest at the front door of the very power plants that are allowing you to read this blasphemy.

I'm a staunch animal lover, and not just the cooked variety.  My wife and I donate quite a bit of money to local animal shelters (not all of my money goes to “The Heritage Foundation” and new sheets for the “Klan”).  We have three dogs.  However, I think PETA is the most asinine group on the planet.  In fact, they were responsible for nearly more animal deaths last year than they actually saved.  They took in 2300 animals; 2200 were put down, yet they're all over the news, throwing paint on furs and standing naked outside KFC.

Cause that's what Rover would want.

I think Washington is broken.  I think the government no longer fears the voters.  It's like the tenured teacher.  There is no incentive to "change" (remember that tag line?) because if they lose their position, another warm, Washington body will fill the void.

Government cannot save us.  I think the recent debt ceiling deal was a huge mistake. We continue to allow our government to spend at will.  

Schools failing?  Spend.  Auto industry failing?  Spend.  Banks failing?  Spend.  Need a cell phone but don't have a job? Spend (yes, having a cell phone is now an entitlement).

There is an airport in NV -- home of Harry Reid -- that subsidizes $3700 dollars…A SEAT.  So it's logical to spend that money on an airport nobody uses to "create" jobs? FYI:  the aviation business is the most subsidized industry in the world…not the oil industry as you might be trained to think.  

Yes, I used the "O" word.

Speaking of O…I think Obama ran an excellent campaign.  


Instead of destroying our former president, you liberals should be sending him thank you cards (made of recycled paper, of course), as Bush is the single reason that a guy as unqualified as Obama could win the presidency.  

Having never run a business or served in any branch of military (although he was a boy scout in Indonesia), I'm not sure you should be the authority on things like "job creation" or Commander in Chief. I don't go to my favorite restaurant to have my oil changed, yet we look to a bunch of suits to tell us what's good for us.

I believe that Obama was born in the U.S.  I'm nowhere close to being a "truther,” but I also think he could've put that to rest had he simply presented the birth certificate when accusations started flying.

Sounds like he enjoyed the P.R.

I also think that 9/11 was not an inside job…and you're an utter jackass if you think so.  I think it's a very sad and pathetic attempt to make our last president look bad (he doesn't need any help).  I hate to be blunt, but it's very sad that someone, somewhere, would think that our own people would go that far.

While you may not agree with the war in Iraq (although, unlike Libya, it was voted on and passed), that doesn't mean we blew up buildings full of our own people, and nothing Michael Moore says is going to convince me otherwise.

A side note on Moore:  he makes a movie condemning capitalism, yet when it comes to selling his movies…

I'm a firm believer in the individual and that this country was not built on the backs of a government controlled state providing handouts for society but on the backs of individuals that understood the true meaning of liberty and freedom and what the Constitution was actually meant to do…which is protect us from government, not from ourselves.

Yes, I have actually read the document….have you?

So to my lefties out there:  I don't hate you.  I understand your disgust with me, but I hold no ill will, for at the end of the day, we are all Americans.  

I hope to contribute often to this site, as I believe that you could use a moment of clarity once in a while, because without me…who's gonna pay for all those programs?

I leave you with this thought:

"Liberals are very broadminded: they are always willing to give careful consideration to both sides of the same side"


  1. 'Yet somehow those of the Christian faith are fair game. Any other religion is off limits, even the guys blowing up our train stations and buildings.' Why is blowing up train stations and buildings grouped as something 'religious' ?

  2. Let me spell it out for you. Liberalism--the idea that government will help those who need it--originated actually in the Republican party among rich people like Theodore Roosevelt. The reason? Because if they didn't give us something, the workers were going to get TOGETHER and take action on their own. Well, guess what? Happy days are here again. Liberalism has let us down, and those of us who work now know we can only depend on ourselves. Get ready for a new wave of labor organization and strikes that will dwarf the 1930s. Wisconsin is just the appetizer...

  3. Great comments! And thanks again to AlwaysRight for the post.

    Please send your own contributions and rebuttals to

  4. I fear the mission of this blog has been greatly threatened by this post and I am sorry to see that happen.

  5. I am sorry to hear that, but all "ideas are welcome and can be discussed."

    Totum Maior Summa Partum -- Aristotle, from which we take our name from his definition of polity, believed that the path to flourishing is through deliberation, and he believed that we would have more virtue collectively.

    That is what we foster here -- deliberation -- so we can talk about more important things than the latest reality tv show. If we didn't deliberate with our counterparts and only stayed in a shell, we wouldn't learn, and more importantly, neither would they.

    As a stanch progressive, I HIGHLY encourage you to submit content. If there is something you don't agree with, I would gladly and happily publish whatever it is you wanted to say.

    I hope this clears things up, and I hope you continue to read the blog and continue to be an active member.


  6. I was more referencing: 'We advocate parts of Democratic Socialism and Socialism, Capitalism, Left-libertarianism, Progressivism, and Keynesianism. ' which I feel is not represented here. Would you accept a post openly advocating anti-semitism? I am in no way drawing a comparison between this post and those sorts of views, but I am trying to demonstrate that the line needs to be drawn somewhere when you have a blog with a mission advocating socialism, progressivism, etc.

  7. This title is hardly apt. 'Confessions' ??? Is anything in this post surprising given it's written by a self-proclaimed 'Right-Wing Wacko'?

  8. Absolutely...and I completely understand your point, which is why I mostly post progressive content. However, I do welcome and encourage everyone to write, not only for our benefit, but for their benefit as well. It really is the only way to progress.

    I am actually a bit happy to see you upset, as I hope that maybe you could write a rebuttal to his point of view. I would definitely publish that. Getting people fired up to talk about the issues is one of our main goals.

    Posts like these show us what we are up against, and it provides us with an opportunity to not only show us what we are facing, but an opportunity to educate our opponents.

  9. Anonymous- What about my piece did you find so offensive? Was it the fact that I wasn't afraid to step outside my own comfort zone and brazenly post on a known "progressive" website?

    I like that I've ruffled some feathers. It brings back the passion for our country and creates debate. Which gets PEOPLE talking, not politicians.

    It is the people, discussions, that will bring this country back. Not being, Liberal, Conservative, Republican, or Democrat.


  10. You are very self centered to think that all liberals have to do is think about you. You don't mean anything to me. I just hope for your sake that you don't get paralized patting yourself on the back because theres no way you could pay for that on your I pay for my own hospital bills plan. You sure did leave out a bunch of history on yourself and that tends to make me think you might have been born pretty well off and dad may have put you through some ivy league school. I tend to think you may also be running one of dads companies right now and might not have a superior to report how hard you work. If we have to take your word for it then I'm thinking with your ego issues we may get a slightly scewed report. I could care less about your bragging and bravado and generally deal in facts. We got none from this opinion fluff and as far as I know you may also be from S. Africa. I am a quarter American Indian and as such I tend to think of you as an unwanted interloper. This country became socialised when your ancestors got my land by planting 4 stakes in my back yard so all the garbage about people getting stuff for free is just some sort of phobia. If you do have some sort of business then you must understand demand. What sort of demand are you going to have when your own philosophy destroys the customer base in this country. Peta does suck because they don't give a shit about wild animals and they spend all their time trying to rescue animals that much like you couldn't survive in a truely free environment. You just haven't hit bottom yet but with your attitude I'm sure you will. When you get there and need help guess who will be the only people there to give you a hand? It will be a liberal because all you righties are to busy looking in mirrors and stroking your own feeble tales of glory and watching old ronald reagan movies . reagan said that any one that would end SS is un American and for that one moment , he was right.

  11. Anonymous- Well that's not very "progressive" and "tolerant" of you? You're more full of anger and hatred than any "tea bagger" or "conservative christian" than I've met.

    Of course I wasn't willing to share my life story in my first piece. It keeps you coming back for more.

    I'll give you these little nuggets:

    1. I'm not from South Africa. I was born in Texas (insert joke here) and grew up in Washington D.C.
    2. I didn't go to an Ivy league school. I went to a state public college. Which I paid for myself...and I'm still paying for. LOL.
    3. I started my business from the ground up. Of course there were many hands in helping me do so, as any small biz owner will tell you the same.

    You've assumed quite a bit. Which only furthers my point about your party and the way they treat outsiders.

    Have you ever run a business? So what do you know about demand other than classroom teaching? Which, doesn't teach you anything, by the way.

    I'm not stroking my ego. I was simple putting it out there where I stand on certain issues. I could throw facts and figures at you all day (I guess you didn't like my PETA statistic) but I'm speaking from experience. Which trumps whatever you watch on Chris Matthews.


  12. sorry to bst your bubble but I have a business too. I have had a couple of corporations and I also started them all by my self. I have created a dozen jobs and while you think that all small companies had help I didn't. I mortgaged the house that I built myself after hours from my day job. I've never met a "self made man" that made himself. Socialist schools, roads and the coin of the relm are what we have in commn and while you seem to think they are all just magically appearing all over the place , I know it takes a village to build anything. I worked 3,000 hours a week for 15 years and commuted 2 hours per day to do that. It took me 20 years to finish my house but I sold it for a new price after living in it that long because I do things very well when I do them. You have no special powers and no magic in your step. You're just another lucky dude and should learn a some humility as it seems to be a trait you know nothing about, I sold my video store and moved to the Virgin Islands in 1997 and lived large for 3 years there and then 5 years of fishing in FL before returning to IA to get back on the bike. Guess what we had another self made man for president in the meantime and now much like the rest of America I have to deal with the wreckage of another conservative administration. I'm sick and tired of right wingers that think they know anything about economics as you have shown me many times that all you got is a sure fire way to cripple a country. From coolidge to w every single republican't president has crushed the American economy.

  13. by the way I never attended any college and barely finished high school. I'm not a teacher unless you count the schooling I intend to put you through. I did a 4 year apprenticeship in local 234 after laying bricks and pouring cement for 6 years. I'm also a union man and still pay my dues as a matter of respect for what they have done for me and my coutry.

  14. You had corporations! Congrats! I thought all you guys hated corporations?

    And as I said, I had people that helped me along the way. Advice from my father, friends and family. I'm not a "self made man" by any means and I give credit to those that helped me...But you're just different. You did it all by yourself. Gimmie a break. I guess you're one of those "working from home" kinda businesses. Talk about humility.

    And clear this up... because I didn't build my house, and went to college and got ed-u-ma-cated...I'm just another "lucky dude"?? Good lord. Again, you Libs are hilarious. And if you ask me, you're a fool for paying unions dues "as a matter of respect"?? Ha. You think that makes you somehow, noble? It's absurd. And I'm sure the union execs(as crooked as any Big Oil CEO) are laughing at guys like you. They thank you for you contribution to the Obama campaign. I'm gonna start paying my old job back, you know, outta respect. I have now heard it all.

    Also, when are you going to wise up and understand that the left is just as much to blame as any right wing president...You honestly think our problems have nothing to do with the fact that nearly 60% of the population pays zero taxes? You think it has nothing to do with the fact that 5% pays 70% of the share? couldn't be that!

    By the way, How's Billy Clintons "Housing for all" working out for us, by the way?


  15. And again, enough about me and you.

    What about my piece, other than you perceiving me to be blowing my own horn, do you disagree with?


  16. absurd is the thought that you were raised in this country but think that you owe it nothing. You used everything you needed to start your amway business and then bitch and moan if you have to pay taxes. Respect is something you either have or you don't and it's pretty clear you don't. Absurd is thinking you can pay all of your medical bills yourself and don't need any insurance and won't ever need SS or Medicare. Absurd is when you think that the evil Union bosses are giving money to the wrong people. Do you get any news besides fox? Why the hell would I want my dues to go to the Union bustering party? You really just don't get and probably never will but it won't be from a lack of hearing the truth from me. I joined 234 in 1981 which was when raygun was trying to kill us. They kept me at work making good money when the rest of this state was flatlined and I am always going to be loyal to them because that's how liberals roll. Conservatives , once again don't have the term in their vocabulary since you're all out for number 1. Still trying to name that mythical conservative president that didn't kill the country ? better bloggers than you have tried and failed too. Don't feel to bad about it.

  17. It takes a real hard core imagination to bring clinton into this after he left w a surplus and a balanced budget just 10 years ago. That's the awe of republicanism. No fact ever made any sense to any of you.

  18. This is why I created this site...bravo! How is this conversation not more entertaining than watching Wines Hard dance?

  19. It's a great way to get together. I wouldn't know about the Hard Dance thing as I have never heard of it before. I just like to spread the seeds of truth , justice and the American way where ever I can.. I wish nothing but the best for all of us and there are easy answers to all of our problems if people will just listen to them. Look to the past for a bit of guidance.

  20. Absolutely!

    The "Wines Hard" reference was in regards to Hines Ward winning "Dancing with the Stars."

    As a lifelong Steelers fan, dude whines a lot...regardless of his toothy grin.

    It was a cut at people that watch reality TV religiously, something that you, obviously, don't have a problem with.

  21. gotchya. I'm only into the ones that involve swamps or pawn brokers. Dancing is for t bangers.

  22. So you are obviously oblivious to his horrible housing bill. Takes a real lib to continue to deny that. While he left us with a "surplus" like most liberal policies, we don't get the "real" picture until it slaps us in the face years down the line. Wait until Obamacare gets us. Ha. Nothing like a system in which less than half the population pays into, yet you wanna cover everyone. Let's see how long that lasts. You libs can't even give us REAL numbers on that (which the CBO confirms). Just pass the damn bill (which nobody bothered to read) and worry about it later. The liberal mantra.

    Obama has done more damage to this country than Billy, H., and W. COMBINED(which is NO small feat). Despite record unemployment, housing in the shitter, stocks (peoples retirement) dropping like a mobster with cement on his feet in the hudson, you STILL claim it's "someone else's fault". 3 years later, you can no longer blame. Especially when your party ran on the promises, yes promises, that it would be different and cleaned up. Shit. He can't even end the wars and close Gitmo. He just started new ones that aren't approved by congress.

    Get a clue. Liberals just took an already small house fire and threw on another can of gas. You, and Obama, own this now. It's not the Tea parties fault, it's not the S&P, it's not Bush, it's not martians from space, it's not lack of funding(as you've had a blank check since O became prez). It's time to sack up, liberals, and be accountable.

    And the "American way" isn't handing over somebody's hard earned money to someone that doesn't deserve it. You told me that I owe this country something. And I agree. I pay my taxes and stay outta trouble. What about the people that are sucking off our system? what do they owe? nothing???!?! So they are somehow exempt? Get over yourself.

    The American way is working hard and earning ones keep. Why is that such a bad thing? Why am I somehow resposible for those that choose to do nothing, yet demand everything? And the fact that I don't agree, somehow makes me "less American"? It is obviously you that doesn't understand the American Way.

    And PFP, this is fantastic. Alot more entertaining than listening to only one side of the argument. Kuddos to you for allowing me to contribute, even if it's unpopular.


  23. Definitely; I'll listen to anyone...doesn't mean I am going to agree haha!

    You obviously have no regard for the nonpartisan CBO. If health care reform fails, it is because we haven't done enough. It still amazes me that you think going to the ER for free is cheaper than just insuring everyone.

    We are supposed to be a GREAT nation. A great nation takes care of its people.

    Obama is failing, because he isn't liberal enough!

    Every developed nation uses keynesian economics...and it works. Instead of wasting our revenues on corporate welfare, wars fueling the military industrial complex, and a program where we subsidize rich pharmaceutical companies, we should spend it on our people and use that revenue to create jobs.

    The stimulus didn't go far enough. I am glad Fox has you so hypnotized to believe otherwise.

  24. Ryan Borosh Keynesian economics always works. The stimulus worked to the extent that was passed considering 40% of it was in the form of tax cuts. The tax cuts were only a "compromise" so it can get passed and avoid a certain GOP filibuster. The stimulus SHOULD HAVE BEEN LARGER and the GOP knows the GWBush admin BLEW A $3 TRILLION hole in the economy during the 2008 crash of the Financial markets. A $787 Billion "fix" was a mere drop in the bucket. Cupple that with the constant smear campaign by the GOP as it "did not work" when it really did and the same hypocritical GOP Congressmen and women secretly took the money touting the jobs it saved and created.

  25. the reason the stimulise is not working now is because of the republicants forcing the fed. gov. to cut funding to programs that employ people and the republicant run states refusing to create jobs , and who instead are laying off workers, how can that be helpfull for the economy. the republicants are the ones killing the recovery, on perpose, time to kick the republicants out

  26. Funny, blue states are the ones that are sucking wind. If you don't believe me, just check the facts. The most economically broken states, CA, NY, OH, MI...all blue states.

    And we're now worse off than we ever were during the Bush years (even the market is in worse shape...and according to market experts, it's due to overspending and a defunct government). It's right in front of you. But the liberal mantra is to continue to blame everyone else. There is absolutely zero accountability by the democratic party. Just ask the tax cheat, Tim Geithner. When asked if this administration is PARTLY responsible he answered "Absolutely not". Are you kidding me? Is this administration that full of itself?

    And thank god that we didn't spend anymore on the stimulus. All it did was raise unemployment (passed the Obama promise of 8%), kill the market and put us in an even deeper hole that before. Tell me how it worked other than a few new parks and politicians getting their pockets lined. And lets remember folks, the left had governmental control for 2 years. So stop blaming the right. Blame yourselves. You guys talk about financial holes left by W...what about Obama? Talk about hypocritical? Come on, guys and girls.

    And while Obama and the left scream about the atrocity of the evil "tax cuts"...he was quick to offer them for "green jobs" (citing a 2010 speech)? So I'm confused...if tax cuts don't create jobs, why did he offer them to those looking to go into business with a green thumb?

    And this is a great nation. But a great nations job isn't to babysit or "take care of it's people"'s to allow it's people to take care of themselves without infringing on their personal liberties.


  27. This author is quite misinformed about most of the topics in this post. I'm not sure how to comment about something that has so many factually incorrect statements and (seemingly) willfully ill-informed views. I understand that the author sees them-self as confident in their views, but confidence doesn't make things factual. Nor does confidence make someone reasonable. How do we debate with someone that hasn't actually examined the issues from a historical, factual, and critical perspective? Hell this person even admitted to watching Fox "News". To comment on the quotation at the end of the post...the reason why liberals reject many right-wing views yet still claim to be open-minded is because we (leftists) must base all of our views on facts, not on 'gut' beliefs. If right-wingers want to be taken seriously by leftist, then they must actually operate in the realm of facts and critical thought.

  28. I am in no way a republican. In fact, I really do not know what the hell I am. But this was a great read and made good sense. It was refreshing to read because it did not concentrate on pointing the finger at any which party. That is something that is somewhat of a rarity these days. Great read! I hope to read more from this person again soon.

  29. What post did you read? This was a direct attack against liberals. I am an independent, and I found this post amusing, but it definitely had an agenda.

  30. Mr. Right wrote: “I'm also totally independent of any government program.”

    So you don’t use the U.S. Postal Service for your mail? That’s a government program. You don’t expect the police to protect you, your family, and your property?! I would think a person in “one of the top tax brackets,” as you say you are, would be downright adamant about the police protecting him and his stuff. If your stuff catches on fire, it makes sense that you would call the local fire station…but since you are totally independent of any government program, then for you it’s probably a matter of you and yours putting out the fire the best you can. Pity.

    Do you use the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit? That’s the Federal government subsidizing child care through the tax code. [Tax expenditures are “revenue losses attributable to provisions of the Federal tax laws which allow a special exclusion, exemption, or deduction from gross income or which provide a special credit, a preferential rate of tax, or a deferral of tax liability” (Joint Committee on Taxation, 2006)]

    Do you use the Home Mortgage Interest Deduction available to homeowners such as yourself? That’s the Federal government subsidizing home ownership.

    I suppose when you travel, you do so by going down dirt paths that you make. You surely couldn’t be using our nation’s highways since you are totally independent of any government program. Through its Federal-aid Highway Program, the FHWA (Federal Highway Administration), provides Federal financial assistance to State and local governments for constructing, preserving, and improving our Highways.

    What? You’ve never gone to a National Park? If you’re doing that just so you can claim that you are totally independent of any government program, then I would offer that such restraint is foolish.

    Mr. Right wrote: “I pay happily for my own health coverage.”

    Good attitude, Mr. Right. And you are probably very thankful that President Obama made sure that pre-existing conditions are covered. Because just as everyone makes mistakes, sooner or later some ol’ condition or disease is going to claim us all. But your claim that “60% of the country is also happily paying for theirs” appears to be another assumption of yours that you may have to rethink. Many folks have health insurance, but they are underinsured. How many underinsured people do you know are out their “happily paying”? How much of that 60% that are insured [although by now it’s closer to 56%--dropping every year], are actually underinsured?

    Mr. Right wrote: “(yes, I know you don't believe in God. Sorry to offend.)

    You do not know me well enough to make the claim that I do not believe in God. Such a declaration on your part does not bode well for good communication between the Left and the Right, but as you say, “Even bible thumping Billy makes mistakes, and so does Atheist Aaron, and so does Buddha Buddy. We all do.” You may be, in your mistaken assumption, confusing my desire to keep church and state separate as some sort of disrespect for God or denying of God. But I give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s, because I realize what the mixing of religion and government can do by studying what went on between Pontius Pilate and the Sanhedrin; between the Pope and the Senate of Venice when it came to the Catholic Inquisition, between the Pope and the rulers in France, Spain, and Portugal; and lest we forget, the Protestant Inquisition—after all, Heresy was a crime against the STATE.

    You have made other points that I would gladly debate, but heck, to do so would require an article longer than the one you wrote. And you haven’t had a chance to even responded to the few questions I have for you nor the few points I made against your declarations.