Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Possible PIP Topics

For this semester, I was asked to complete a Personal Inquiry Project (PIP).  The goal of this project is to use formal theory about causation to enhance decision making abilities in real life situations.  During the semester, I will conduct scientific research about a causal hypothesis that could be relevant to my future.  I will then evaluate the hypothesis based on research and decide how to act based on its conclusion.  After the break, I will begin the project by offering three decision problems that I might choose to investigate.
     As stated earlier, the questions I will be focusing on will be decisions I might have to make in the future.  After choosing a question, I will then offer two hypotheses for each one.  There will be scientific research to address the causal hypothesis I choose to investigate.  After offering three quesions, I will then select one in which to apply the semester project to.
Question 1:
Should I purchase my next mountain bike with a steeper head tube angle in lieu of a slacker one?
Hypothesis 1a:
Steeper head tube angles help you go faster.
Hypothesis 1b:
Steeper head tube angles decrease stability.
Question 2:
Should I purchase a PC over a Mac?
Hypothesis 2a:
PC's offer more functionality and a lower price level.
Hypothesis 2b:
Mac's are less susceptible to viruses.
Question 3:
Should I use marijuana to treat anxiety or other health problems?
Hypothesis 3a:
Using marijuana can be used to treat anxiety as well as other ailments.
Hypothesis 3b:
Using marijuana can be addictive and hazardous to your health.
After further consideration, I will choose a topic that most interests me and has sufficient scientific research.  By the project's conclusion, I hope to have better decision making skills by employing formal causation theory.

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