Thursday, July 7, 2011

Exxon lies about Yellowstone River oil spill


Spill, baby, spill! 

I am sure by now you have heard about the Exxon oil spill at Yellowstone River in Montana where an estimated 40,000+ gallons of oil have spilled.

Terrible enough as it is, Exxon had the audacity to lie about the devastating effects the oil spill is causing.

As of July 5, experts spotted oil as far as 40-miles away.

Not sure how anyone could think this would be a good statement...

Of course, reports followed of pelicans, turtles, etc being covered in crude'S FREAKING OIL!

As one local resident tells Pruessing, "I know two people in the hospital already..."

I know...shocking.

This is the richest corporation in the world five years straight.  This is the same corporation that makes $5 million in PROFIT every HOUR.

This is the same pipeline that was shutdown a few weeks ago because of concern of rising waters...and then after examining some safety record, opened back up.

What was the cause of the spill you ask?

High waters in recent weeks that exposed the pipeline to debris.

You can't make this stuff up.  I guess that is what happens when companies use their own people to evaluate whether their systems are in good order.

But yeah, we need to keep subsidizing these guys so they can continue to ruin the environment and demonize the EPA. 

Good luck with using those "paper towels" for cleanup.  Glad your $5 million an hour profit couldn't afford you better response technology.  

 Anything to save a buck.  

And they call liberals crazy...

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