Saturday, July 23, 2011

Why a Republican won't be elected president in 2012

This post originally started off as a response to a Facebook comment.  The post, from my cousin in Ohio, suggested that America would not vote for a Republican president in 2012, giving 3 to 1 odds to any of his friends that dare take him up on the bet. Many of his conservative friends decided it would be wise to take this bet, and I guess I couldn't help myself. 

I hope this doesn't hurt my cousin's chances of winning any money. 

Extreme conservative legislation going on in the states (and failing nationally, ie. "Path to Prosperity" and "Cut, Cap, and Balance") such as Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, and yes, your very own state of Ohio, is more than countering for Obama's lack of liberal follies, ie. extending the Bush Tax Cuts. 

He will have the senior lock, Republican and Democrat, which is HUGE -- they vote -- because of their plans to destroy Medicare. They will have the working class vote because of their blatant strike against unions and collective bargaining. They will have the Hispanic vote because of extreme corporate prison industrial complex legislation like AZ SB-1070. They will have the African American vote because, well, just look at last election.

Take a look at all of the recall elections going on in Wisconsin right now.  Look at the special election in New York 26.  Hell, how is that OH SB-5 working out for your conservative leaders?  Over a million signatures to put it on the ballot?  Does that not tell you something?  

It was Bush's war, but it was Obama's surgical strike that got him. Take it from someone who has been in both places; if Bush had allowed these tactics, we would have got Bin Laden years ago.  Google the Tora-Bora mission.  Bush and Cheney needed those wars to fuel the military industrial military contractors were the only companies making money during the recession...Cheney being the ex CEO of the largest contractor...this is obvious stuff, people.

Funny how some should mention how the economy and private sector jobs haven't grown.  You know what conservatives always preach that grows private sector jobs?  TAX CUTS!  We still have Bush's policies that Obama foolishly extended.  Where are all of those private sector jobs those tax cuts were supposed to create?  Let me give you a hint:  TAX CUTS NEVER CREATE JOBS!  They never have and they never will.

Reagan was the head of state and co-founder when the good ol' "Trickle-Down Theory" was invented.  Even he realized how foolish he was to cut taxes as revenue streams tanked, and he ended up raising taxes ELEVEN TIMES!

See how Bush I fared with cutting taxes...he campaigned on the promise of "no new taxes."  So what did he do?  He cut taxes and had to raise them again...lying to his constituency and losing his job.

Bush II gave TWO tax cuts to fund TWO wars and an expensive prescription drug program (Medicare Part D) which subsidizes already rich pharmaceutical companies and doesn't let the government negotiate prices!


How did he fund these wars and this program then?

You guessed it; he borrowed from China, putting us in the predicament we are in today.

Obama did create over 3 million jobs and this was all while facing a fragile recovery hindered by the Bush Tax Cuts he extended...which is why I am pissed at him.  He also saved the auto industry, saving over a million jobs.

How is Bush's bank bailout going?  Where the hell is the TARP money???

People are going to wise up and realize that it's not just Obama's fault that employment hasn't risen.  If you have any idea on how our government works, you would realize that Obama can only sign legislation into law.   This is Politics 101, folks.

You know what is happening instead?  Conservative leaders are using this debt ceiling debate as a smokescreen to prevent jobs bills from going to the floor.  They are dragging out what they will eventually vote for so that the economy continues to struggle.  Jobs can't be created without job bills, and conservative leaders are banking on this to win 2012.  Bush raised the debt ceiling 7+ times.  We need jobs bills so Americans can get back to work and spend money.

Over 70% of the economy is consumer driven.  The conservative "Robin Hood" analogy is what they want is "Reverse Robin Hood."  Money from programs like Social Security always gets spent.  That money goes back into the economy and productivity increases...creating jobs...creating a demand...causing more firms to enter a market...driving the price back to a true equilibrium.

Large corporations that have these huge cuts don't need any more money.  The money doesn't trickle down.   Ten years of failed Bush Tax Cuts proves this yet again.  CEO wages and bonuses are at historical highs...along with productivity...but do you know how much they increased pay for their employees last year?   $0.58 a week!!!

Let me repeat myself:  money doesn't trickle down!

If salaries are historically high and productivity is historically high, why aren't they creating jobs and increasing wages?

Why do we need to subsidize big oil?  Why do we need to subsidize corporate jet owners?  These subsidies should be going to small business.  It's getting to the point to where all of these huge corporate tax cuts aren't enabling small businesses to compete...hindering a true supply-demand equilibrium, because new firms can't enter the market anymore.  The prices are no longer at a true equilibrium, because monopolies are controlling the market value of products.  Huge corporations like big oil and GE actually pay a lower effective tax rate than their secretaries because of these subsidies.

Here is a perfect example:  GE paid ZERO in taxes last year despite posting record profits of over $14 billion, $5 billion of it domestic.  In fact, we actually subsidized and PAID THEM $3-$4 billion!!!  This is ridiculous!  How is it that tax payers had to pay GE???

Conservative leaders are all up Norquist's ass, because he roped them into some foolish pledge that won't even allow them to vote to close these ridiculous loopholes!

 Don't even get me started on the banks.

And you wonder why conservative leaders are the ONLY legislators trying to push voter restriction bills.  They know what they are facing, and they need to restrict the liberal vote:  ie. seniors, students, the poor, minorities, etc.  These bills unfairly target the liberal demographic.

Of course, can you blame them?  They have to resort to legislation that continues to line their pockets.  Check out Boehner and other notable leaders in the Republican Party and who paid for their campaigns.

They vote for the corporation, not you.

They resort to whatever the Koch brothers and such tell them to, which usually involves voter restriction, union disbanding, and cutting education, aka steal their votes, get rid of their source of campaign income, and keep them stupid.

This is easy money.  The right can't even field a decent candidate.

The facts have a liberal bias.


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