Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 9/11: Never Forget

[This post in remembrance of 9/11 is brought to you from Andy Smith over at American's Progressive Voice.  APV has a thousand activists ready to deliberate with you on the issues; be sure to check them out!  For your opinion and contributions, email]

Never Forget...


NEVER FORGET September 11, 2001

President Bush reading "My Pet Goat"
at the moment he learned about the

Never forget Bush at that instant:

seven minutes of dumbfounded silence.

Five days after the attacks, EPA Chief
Christie Todd Whitman:
"The good news continues to be
that air samples we have taken have
all been at levels that cause no concern."

Never forget the next-day words of Bush:

"Go shopping."

And the EPA director Whitman:

"The air is safe."

President George W. Bush's
Daily Brief, 8/6/2001:
"Bin Laden Determined
to Strike in U.S."

Never forget "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US;"

the 8/6/2001 memo 

of actionable intelligence

that Bush didn't act on, allowing thousands of deaths.

President George W. Bush addresses
sailors during the
"Mission Accomplished"
speech, May 1, 2003
Never forget where Bush invaded in response:

Iraq, where Saddam truthfully denied WMD's

and not Afghanistan, (where Osama then went 

and al-Qaeda is still training) killing twice the 

Americans Bin Laden did.

:By expanding the government's
authority to secretly search private
records and monitor communications,
often without any evidence of
wrongdoing, the Patriot Act has
violated our most basic right -
the freedome from unwarranted
government intrusion into our
private lives - and thwarted
constitutional checks and
balances," said Michael
German, ACLU Senior
Policy Counsel and former
FBI Special Agent.

Never forget the PATRIOT ACT

trampling the Constitution:

warrantless wire-tapping, torture, 

    detaining people without                             charges,                                                        
     etc., etc....

Vice-President Dick Cheney sits
with former New York mayor Rudolph
Giuliani at the Republican National
Never forget two no-bid contracts:

Cheney's with his KBR and Halliburton 

to get Iraq's oil, and Giuliani's with his 

Motorola buddies for the 

            FDNY's and EMS' 

                 bad radios.

President Barack Hussein Obama
Never forget on Election Day:

these and other Republicans never got Osama; 

Democrat Obama did.

-Andy Smith

Never forget the thousands of American's that lost their lives that day and the heroes that emerged...

...never forget...

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