Sunday, April 3, 2011

Florida's severely disabled to help fund corporate tax cuts

Governor Scott never seems to miss an opportunity for a media op.  Check out this video:

It's good to know the governor cares so much about the disabled, especially since he is using his "emergency powers" to cut their programs 15%, which would affect over 30,000 disabled people with down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and autism.  How else can he afford those $1.5B in corporate tax cuts?  The intellectually disabled won't know, right?  What makes it worse is him attending a Special Olympics event AFTER he proposed this!  I guess I'll never understand politicians...

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I guess the thousands and thousands of tea party members that showed up in DC for the rally are really having their voices heard!  Oh wait...wrong rally...those are the workers rallies.  The major tea party rally in DC generated about, oh, a hundred or so people.  I am glad our new governors are listening to their constituents.

I've said it before; I will say it again:  now is not the time for major cuts!  Our economy is on the rebound; we are creating jobs, many of them government jobs, and we can ill afford these cuts.  There are still many Americans that are relying on these programs as our fragile economy recovers.  Governor Scott's plan also affects Floridian workers, such as therapists and social workers. 

 “I found out on the news, the newspaper, and an APD flyer to my email at 7:45 on Thursday night after a full day with my clients,” therapist Lisa Curtin said.  “I went to bed on Wednesday making x-amount.  I woke up Thursday morning making 40% less.” 

 I wonder how many CEO's woke up making 40% less.

It's also clear that Scott's constituents are not happy:

We have had twelve straight months of private sector job increases because the government invested money in the people and projects.  If the right gets what it what it wants, it will cost this nation 700,000 jobs!  Does that sound like a good recovery plan to you?  Check out this startling graph detailing job loss during the Bush and Obama administrations:

I am not sure how much clearer I can make this.

 The left conceded $33B in cuts, which is right next to the number Speaker Boehner originally called for.  Now these tea party members want over $60B in cuts!  I am now officially sure that anyone in the tea party has no idea on how economics works, let alone how to create an economic recovery plan.  

The left controls the senate and the executive offices.  Personally, I am sick and tired of the left constantly rolling over!  They need to get their act together!  What are they going to tell their constituents when they start losing their jobs to these cuts and losing valuable income and programs that save families disposable, spendable income?  But it is also clear that the left is negotiating, something the right likes to say they aren't doing.  

What is the right conceding?  When are all of these Bush tax cuts going to create these millions of jobs that the right keeps promising?  THEY AREN'T!  They just want to shut down government so they can blame President Obama and use it as a talking point in 2012.  This is why the right will only talk numbers but never tell you what those numbers mean.  Their numbers talk, but when you dig a little deeper and see what these numbers mean, like cutting spending for the disabled, you will find that they are attacking the poor, the elderly, the disabled, and the working class.  Whatever the case, if you think this is bad, this is just the warm up to an even bigger battle when Rep. Paul Ryan introduces his radical fiscal budget for 2012.  

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