Friday, April 8, 2011



Can the right please just drop the riders and pass the damn budget?  Riders have nothing to do with budgetary concerns!  Our troops need paid!!!  Now is not the time for politics!  Forget the social issues; you can discuss those tomorrow.  We cannot afford a government shutdown right now.  Planned Parenthood IS NOT an acceptable reason to shut down government.  FYI:  Planned Parenthood DOES NOT fund abortions.  The Hyde Amendment makes use of federal funding for abortion ILLEGAL.  You should know that, you know, because you're a legislator.  Stop playing politics and discuss your socially conservative ideology tomorrow.  

How did the work out for Newt?


  1. In 2009, Planned Parenthood received approximately $326,880,000 from the federal taxpayer. This includes those that support and those that do not support abortion. In that same time period, they performed 332,278 abortions. Just to be clear, that's nearly 1,000 abortions per day.
    Since it's not possible to say what money was spent where, you cannot say "all of that money was spent on abortions." It is also true that you cannot say "none of that money was spent on abortions."
    Since an abortion is one of the most expensive procedures that they conduct, it takes a significant amount of money to perform one every 95 seconds. They claim that abortions only accounted for 3% of the services that they provide, but they count every interaction equally. That means that every time they hand someone a condom, it's counted the same as every time they perform an abortion. In other words, if they handed out 50 condoms, assisted with 2 adoptions, gave 25 cancer screenings, counseled 20 young girls, and performed 3 abortions, they would say only 3% of their business was abortion. Which of those do you think uses the most money?
    I don't care what you believe, you have a right to it. But don't tell other Americans that they have to subsidize something that they believe is murder. If they do "noble" work, then they can raise money through charity. Those of you that believe they should get your tax dollars are welcomed to donate to them. Why does the Federal Government have to take it from you and give it to them? It's not their job, it's against the Constitution, and it violates individual liberty and the respect for individual beliefs that our country was founded on.
    Start thinking for yourselves and get off of the force-fed hype.

  2. Oh, I forgot one other thing. When a young lady goes in to Planned Parenthood, she doesn't walk in the door, get an abortion, and walk out. Each councelling session, each physical exam, each blood test, and each additional service that's provided in the entire process is counted as separate "services". Just a single girl getting a single abortion would be tallied as multiple "services" but only one abortion. If she received nine supporting services for the one actual abortion, is the abortion only 10% of the services provided to her? If not for the abortion, she wouldn't have had some of those other services. Is that an honest business practice?
    If "Abortion" is not what Planned Parenthood is all about, why do they say the loss of federal funding would keep women from getting cancer screenings? Why would it result in more pregnancy? Why would women get fewer services? If it wouldn't result in fewer abortions, doesn't that mean that they would continue to provide those with the rest of their money and make the cuts in other areas? Doesn't that mean that Abortion is their priority? Doesn't that mean that they're lying about their priorities? Why are we forcing Americans to give money to them against their will?

  3. Everything you say is somewhat sound but not empirical. Federal funding isn't used for abortions. It is against federal law. If this is in fact the case, when the jig is up, lots of people will be going to jail. That being said, regardless of what anyone's beliefs are, shutting down government over Planned Parenthood or any other program is not a reason to shut down government.

  4. Letter to Lawrence O'Donnell:

    "Dear Lawrence,

    Do they have any idea how expensive birth control is and how important it is for it to be provided to women at Planned Parenthood clinics? A regular prescription for my pill was 98 dollars a month without insurance. And even with insurance, it was 78 dollars through the pharmacy.

    "Who can afford that every month? Last summer, through my employer’s insurance, which I lost along with the job, was the first time I’ve ever been to a, quote, ‘real gynecologist,’ a doctor outside of Planned Parenthood. But as a woman, I need an annual exam. Even beyond birth control and my unfortunate and devastating abortion, I’ve needed Planned Parenthood for breast exams.

    "My breasts are cystic. Since I was 17, I’ve had small lumps come and go. And through Planned Parenthood, I’ve had three ultrasounds and two mammograms. Presently, I have another large lump that may be more serious. And once again, Planned Parenthood is offering to perform an exam and provide me with additional testing.

    "At my current income, these services will most likely be entirely free to me as my birth control now is. In the past, I would pay a donation of my choosing that I determined by my income, which would be at most 20 dollars a visit. In addition, the doctors or nurse practitioners at Planned Parenthood are the only medical doctors I get to see every year.

    "I haven’t had a general practitioner in ten years. I haven’t even been able to afford a teeth cleaning from a dentist in five. And I can’t even fathom what it would be like to be able to have a doctor to visit if I get ill.

    "To be able to have doctors, nurses services available to me at Planned Parenthood that I would otherwise be unable to afford is a huge relief and burden off my shoulders. Now I’m afraid those services will no longer be available to me.

    "It’s terrifying to think that with lack of funds, millions of women wouldn’t have access to this kind of care. I can’t imagine what I would do without Planned Parenthood. Talking about what they do is part of your job right now. So I wanted you no know on a personal level what Planned Parenthood does for me, so it might influence you when you’re on the subject at work.

    "I feel my voice is lost and there’s nothing I can do about this situation. Please yell some sense into these people."

  5. My only comment is this: "why is it my responsibility to be forced to take my income and pay for your birth control?"

  6. Actually, the largest complaint is that it IS illegal and un-Constitutional. They absolutely are spending taxpayer money to fund abortions. They are performing abortions and receiving taxpayer money. Simply saying "we're not breaking the law" doesn't mean they aren't. Why do liberals always believe outlandish statments when they agree with their views but ignore facts, history, and truth when they don't like the implications?