Saturday, April 2, 2011

OH Gov Kasich signs union-stripping bill into law; includes police and firefighters

Ohio governor signs collective bargaining limits 

Governor Kasich of Ohio just recently signed his new union-stripping bill into law.  Unlike Walker's bill in Wisconsin, Kasich's bill included union-stripping measures for police and firefighters.  The law has caused major cuts in Ohio, including major cuts in police protection in big cities like Cleveland.  Cleveland had to lay off 300 officers.  Cleveland also had to shutdown their street crimes unit and car theft unit.  The 22 miles of coastline Cleveland has?  Unprotected, as Cleveland cannot afford a single boat.  One of the limited requests from the unions was to have two officers in a car for dangerous neighborhoods.  Oh those greedy bastards!  Here is video that pretty much sums up Kasich's thoughts on police officers:


This is unfortunate for the Fraternal Order of Police who endorsed state Sen. Shannon Jones (R-OH).  The FOP endorsed Sen. Jones, and then Jones went and supported the anti-union legislation.  I'm guessing this why the FOP is supporting President Obama in 2012 and not the Republican candidate as they have for as long as I can remember.  Referendum?  Yes, please.

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