Monday, June 6, 2011

Ed Schultz makes his "triumphant return" to MSNBC tonight


Ed Schultz makes his "triumphant return to television" tonight according to MSNBC.  Schultz was  suspended by the network on May 25 for calling conservative radio host Laura Ingraham a "right-wing slut."

Schultz went on air and offered Ingraham an apology most would call epic.  MSNBC heralded the apology, exclaiming it's "what some called the most heartfelt and emotional apology that a cable news host has ever given."

Many of Schultz' fans believed the punishment did not fit the crime.  One fan said, "Conservatives get away with this kind of stuff all the time.  Anyone that watches Ed knows that this suspension is unwarranted.  This is just conservative posturing from the right-wing media."

Warranted or not, The Ed Show will air at 10 PM on MSNBC.

Let's get to work.



  1. Red is the color of the workers blood shed for revolutionary socialism.

  2. Exactly...the labour rose and The Haymarket Massacre.