Thursday, May 5, 2011

GRAPH: Average CEO earns 200 times the salary of a Navy SEAL


In honor of the SEAL's elimination of Osama bin Laden, I thought I would illustrate the lack of wealth parity in this country using's graph showing how much more a CEO makes than a Navy SEAL.

I think my job is done.

According to the 2011 Executive Pay Watch, CEO's made an average of $11,358,445 in 2010.  That is up 20% from the previous year.  Contrast that with the $0.58 a week raise the average worker saw.  According to The Rachel Maddow Show, average worker pay is down $10,000 a year from ten years ago.
Think Progress:
"It’s important to note that the gap between executive compensation and average worker compensation has exploded over the past few decades. CEOs at America’s largest companies now earn 343 times more than the typical worker. In 1970, the average CEO earned 28 times as much as the typical worker."

So why is production and CEO pay up and worker pay down?  I guess that $10,000 decrease in pay is a prime example of how great those Bush tax cuts have been treating us.  It might even be a better example than the lack of job growth those cuts produced.

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