Thursday, May 26, 2011

More proof that the Affordable Care Act is working


Surprise, surprise; the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is actually working.  Now that we have some concrete results, maybe we can start squashing the fear and doubts of conservatives who cry "socialism,"  forgetting that the nonpartisan CBO already informed us that this would happen.

So what have we learned and what new proof do we have?

Young people tend not to get sick, so they do not typically need to use their insurance.  Adding them to the insurance pool (healthy people in the pool paying for the people in the pool that are ill, like older people) brings premiums down...and premiums HAVE gone down. I know, I know..I might be going a bit fast for conservatives, as they aren't used to facts, but bear with me.

As a result of what I just said, health insurance companies have turned in record profits for the first quarter AND premiums are down because fewer people are seeking medical treatment.  When you add a bunch of young, healthy people who are paying premiums but are not getting sick, this is what happens. This is also limiting the amount of young people using the ER for broken legs and such, saving the state LOTS of money.

The ACA is also helping small business...A LOT. Small businesses taking advantage of the tax incentives offered by the ACA by giving their employers health insurance is up 59%, and now even more advantages are kicking in as the IRS if offering tax credits to businesses that offer insurance outside the scope of general health, like dental. 

It is working. I understand conservatives had their reservations about it; a lot of people did, but it is working, so let's enjoy a program that is actually starting to benefit everyone.

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