Tuesday, May 24, 2011

VIDEO: Minnesota House signs off on a proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage


The heavily Republican Minnesota House voted to approve a proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

The Examiner:

"State law already prohibits gay marriage, but supporters of the proposed amendment said it was necessary to prevent judges or future lawmakers from making gay marriage legal in Minnesota. Critics said the plan is divisive and such an amendment would put discrimination into the constitution."
Here are some quotes from members of the Minnesota State Legislature:

Rep Karen Clark on wanting her father to see her marry: 
"Please don't make me go off to Iowa.  I was raised in Minnesota. I'm a child of Minnesota." 
Rep John Kriesel describing how losing his legs in Iraq began a personal transformation of his views on the issue: 
"I'm pleading with you to vote no; I'm begging you." 
Rep Tim Kelly of Red Wing: 
"an assault on personal freedom and choice." and a "giant step backward."
Governor Mark Dayton, though he has no power to block the question from the ballet, stated that he would fight the proposed amendment and called it "un-Minnesotan."

Check out some of these testimonies from both parties before the vote:

Rep John Kriesel

Rep Steve Simon

I cannot wrap my head around why this is still an issue.  If you have the time, please check out Rachel Maddow's segment on the issue below and the interview she had with the parents of deceased gay soldier killed in Afghanistan. 

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